Testimonials | KNOW FEAR®

"A few weeks back I used what I had learnt from your Know Fear seminar and program to help my daughter manage a failure at school.

She's 16, extremely good at school and was highly emotional about failing a math exam (first failure in her school life) which she knew a massive percentage of students would fail. We went through the Cycle of Behaviour and from that she determined herself with some guidance (soliciting opinion as per the discussion today) what she should do to get around the emotional & mental.  

So we came up with a plan via FUCK FEAR, and then off her own bat she organised school based tutoring, got old exams to do and organised a private tutor.  

Long story short because she passed her exam with flying colours last week because we approached the situation with your system.

That one discussion with her, the fact that she passed and that she may use it again over her life results in my deep appreciation as one father to another that you do what you do and have created shit that makes sense."  - Regards, Brent
"This man, Tony Blauer, taught me more about self-protection and personal safety in one weekend than I had learned in 20 years of martial arts training. I could punch, I could kick, I could fight, and I could take punishment, but I couldn’t manage fear in my head.” - David Brice
"I recently bought your Know Fear seminar. First off, f**kin awesome! I loved it and would've paid double for it. The sh*t in that seminar can be applied across the board, you name the topic in life, it applies. Thank you for that." - Brandon Marvin
"Hi Tony, my name is Jason Woods and I am writing to send a little appreciation your way. Last night I had a decision to make and in the midst of the madness I froze (unsurprisingly). In the moments after I started to see myself in the cycle of behavior and negative visualization and I was able to redirect my attention towards taking action as opposed to remain stuck in place like a statue. It was an incredibly liberating experience to be able to KNOW and F.U.C.K fear in that way. I never thought that a model that seems so cognitive would be as helpful as it was in that situation but it was and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the work you have done in the past and continue to do. Cheers from Across the Pond". - Jason Woods
"Hi coach I just wanted to take a moment and message you. I wanted to message you after finishing class 1 of the garage gym. I don’t want to get personal, but loosing people in my life wether to sickness or violence, the joy isn’t always there, and it takes a lot to get me excited. I feel this is important to preface what I’m gonna say... And since violence has always been in my life, even as a child I always subconsciously grew frustrated with martial arts, and I never understood why.

After completing class 1, I smiled I laughed, I wanted to teleport to you and just FUCKING SHAKE YOU!!! I wanted just to look you in the eyes and say “that’s it, THIS IS FUCKING IT!” I am fulfilled, you are a genius. This is what I have been looking for, and what other people need. This text, my words can not describe what my heart, my soul and my mind feel. Like I have found what I have been looking for. I always wished there was a SPEAR gym in RI, but this is so much better." - Frankie Toolin
" I just completed the Know Fear Seminar and it was awesome. I was able to free myself from years of past anxiety and I have a roadmap for the future. You did an outstanding job with it. Thank you " - Andy Murphy
"I actually ended up buying your Know Fear seminar and Cerebral Self Defense soon after you first recommended them to me. They've both been extremely helpful, life changingly so, in fact.
My relationships with my loved ones have improved, I'm less anxious generally and more able to handle fear and stress when they come into my life, I feel more prepared for violent encounters and more confident in myself.

I feel less overwhelmed and consumed by emotional inertia, and more empowered and capable.

I've been recommending your courses and podcast all over the place. I wholeheartedly believe that your teachings can and will change the fate of the human race. I also believe that when we transform into more courageous, more authentic, vulnerable and capable versions of ourselves, we become the kind of people who can stand up for what is right and true, and fight back against malevolence and tyranny.

We can create deeper more meaningful relationships with ourselves and our loved ones, experience more of life, and manifest our greatest potential selves in the World, ultimately making it a better place for generations to come. Honestly, I think we are blessed to have you, in this World" - Brandon Smithers
"I bought the KNOW FEAR course when I was in High School. I was a wrestler and competing at a high level, but I would always self-sabotage. My mind was not right. I would doubt myself, never believe I was capable, and always thought about what my opponent was going to do to me. 

Your quote “If I am so good, why am I so scared?” Was exactly how I felt. The information within the course helped propel me into placing at the high school State wrestling Tournament, and the opportunity to wrestle in college. Now I have a spot reserved to try out for Special Forces in the Army. From the wrestling mat to the battlefield, The KNOW FEAR course has been and will continue to be a tool for me to overcome fear and obstacles for the rest of my life." - Cade Breuker
"I purchased and watched your KNOW FEAR last night and wanted to tell you amazing job. I took notes the entire time and will probably rewatch it multiple times and review the notes.

I feel more confident today however I still want to develop more skill sets and I’m looking at joining your live gym. Thank you I look forward to learning more and hopefully hearing from you soon" - Larry West
"I’m a professional firefighter with over 33 years on the job. As a shift battalion chief, part of my job is to train our personnel. In early March, after my first set of “Covid-19” shifts, I realized that there were far more questions than answers, procedures to protect ourselves were changing daily, and the most frequent questions were about the unknowns - am I putting my family at risk, what happens if I infect my kids, etc? 
Between shifts I was creating a training plan for my crews. I realized that the information we were receiving from management was communicated with fear – something that was a first in my career. I knew this was something I had to address. I was taking a break and saw an email from Tony Blauer about his program “Know Fear.”

So I bought the recording, and started listening to it the next morning during my 45-minute commute to work. Later that night, I hadn’t noticed that I was far more stressed than usual until I went to bed and just stared at the ceiling, instead of falling right to sleep like I usually do.

The next morning, I kept listening to “Know Fear” on my commute home, then I finished it the following morning on my way back to work. I realized I was in the fear loop, and I tried the things Tony taught. My stress level that shift was noticeably lower, and later that shift I once again “slept like a chief! Thanks, Tony!" - Dan Johnson
" PURE GOLD! From one of the most brilliant minds in the world of self-defense. Tony's material is absolutely phenomenal!" - Walt Lysak
"This is an amazing course! So many people talk about proper mindset but offer no path to attaining it. Coach Blauer actually presents the tools to develop and refine that mindset including how to confront and control the fear that often keeps us from reaching our goals.

This has taken my understanding of self coaching to a new level. I highly recommend this anyone wanting to optimize their training. Thank you!" - James Nielson
"Whenever I hear Tony Blauer talk, it seems like what he speaks about is always 2-3 steps before what the other guys teach. This is no different, its not the generic “face your fear” talk or getting in the right mind set, it’s let me tell you how your brain actually gets there." - Tony Ong
"Earlier this evening a crack head followed my wife and I on our walk, verbally berating us, threatening to kill us, within the first 5 seconds of my fear spike your teaching came to mind, I was ready for an attack and completely composed the whole time he followed us. Nothing happened, but all of your teachings that I’ve been reading the last several months kicked in and I switched from fear spike to confidence and readiness. Thanks coach :)" - Jeremy A. Tucker
" Tony, I had to send you an email to thank you for the Know Fear seminar. Easily the best $100 I ever spent. Looking forward to more!" - David Scott
"Coach, Last night for the first time ever the high school that I coach at beat a team that they have never beaten in the 20 years of sports at our school. Not only did they beat them they did it in 3 sets. In volleyball that the equivalent of a 5 round fight ending in 3.

I just want to thank you for giving me the tools to help them create a winning mindset. They put the past behind them, walked through the challenge door and beat their opponents. Understanding and training them to Know Fear was the difference. Thank you Coach." - JD Malone

Testimonials | GARAGE GYM

"I have been doing Garage Gym for 2 weeks now. Please keep the gym going forever! I will be there. Thank you for everything this has definitely changed my life and I found my self defense passion." - Celeste Conquer
“SPEAR saved my life!!! A few days ago whilst on duty dressed all in black with the rain pouring down like it was the end of the world. I swiftly crossed a road in the City of Brighton to get to my police vehicle. A driver held up in traffic suddenly found themselves with a gap accelerated off and came across me in the middle of the road. Still accelerating I flinched and went into the SPEAR stance. This movement made the driver flinch which consequently caused her to break hard (thank fuck). Stopping inches away from my front leg. As I said, SPEAR saved my life…”  - Jeff Bassett, Sussex Police
"I spent 28+ years training traditional martial arts and combat sport, and I have several black belts. However, I never learned about personal safety and self-defense until my first PDR course.” - Peter Palmgren
"Few choose to invest in an education of staying safe because it means visualizing situations you would do anything not to be in. When you do, you discover how it impacts every corner of your life in empowering ways, and Coach Tony Blauer is by far one of the best in the world at helping people shine a light in all these corners. You’ve changed countless lives Coach! Forever a true fan and student! ” - Jon Pidhirney
” Ever since being introduced to Tony Blauer’s material and subsequently going through his PDR course and having the privilege to meet him, he has been the person I recommend to anyone who wants to understand self-defense and fighting back from a physics, physiological and psychological perspective. To this day I am not aware of anyone who does it better.” - Dr. Kenneth Jay
"Hey, Coach. Just finished a great dinner at home with my wife and kids. So much to be grateful for and so much to protect. Some time has gone by since we emailed.... I kept putting the Garage Gym off despite your advice. Now, I’m all in. I have spent the last couple of weeks just accessing past sessions and have yet to join live. Tomorrow, that changes. I have been absorbing as much as I can on Vimeo and also from your Know Fear podcasts. I’m a family physician/hospitalist and my wife is a neurologist. Scientifically, you are so on point re SPEAR. There is nothing else like it. I feel like I am being coached by a neuroscientist/assassin.

Also, the fact that you and I are the same age and share much in common re family and philosophy makes my opportunity to be coached by you all the more exciting. I am blessed and very fucking grateful for this opportunity. Sincere thanks for sharing what you have learned. Looking forward to this journey. Thanks, Coach."  - John R. Morgan IV, MD.
"So I wanted to just give you some background on why I signed up ...
I am a 56 yr old ex-Division 1 athlete with a lot of martial arts background (3rd degree in TKD and 1st in Hapkido). It's been about 8 years or so since I last regularly trained. 

What really got me was the reality of the discussion of your podcast with Anthony Smith (the UFC fighter who had a home invasion, if you missed it, listen here)... any martial artist with a serious mind should be incredibly captivated by that one ... one of my top all-time podcasts of any genre! 

Besides all the obvious learning, probably the coolest thing for me is to see how energized you are about real coaching again. That is infectious and should get all the other attendees pumped up to learn as well."  - Bill Traver
"Wow! This is easily the most informative and the most practical fitness/skills class I’ve ever seen! I’m certainly not at your level of experience, however, I’ve been running group classes (fitness and martial arts) for close to 25 years. Signing up now! Thank you"  - Scott
" I am truly digging the Garage Gym and want to thank you for your passion & expertise. It all makes so much sense!"  - Joe Skemp
"Over the course of my life, I've spent $100 on a myriad of ways, but can't recall getting so much knowledge and confidence from the Garage Gym Group and the SPEAR training. Can't wait to start the second month..."  - Mark Rodak
"I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the garage gym. The way that you teach is so insightful about the system and motivational. What I'm seeing is the theory in action. Thank you so much. Thanks for your ongoing support. And as always I will look forward to your next garage gym session."  - Andy Privett
"Just wanted to thank you for the Garage Gym, it’s simply revealing, putting the puzzle together, and your amazement with human defensive mechanism is really infectious. I know you are pro-Martial-Arts and SPEAR should become a bridge to complex motor skills but – having a Karate and Aikido background and RBSD (Krav and Defendo) in the last decade, I just have a feeling of getting stronger that by practicing Asian arts one has to identify with a cultural-philosophical plus (I mean perfectionism, abstract ideals and concepts forced into movements) which can cause dysfunction in a violent situation."  - Andras Szalai
"After two months, I am more motivated, eating better, am stronger where it counts, have improved balance and stability, and have lost 20 pounds (obviously credited to the improved diet, but I didn’t have the motivation to start the calorie tracking until I started the Garage Gym classes). I’ve also regained hand speed that I thought I had lost due to age. I’ve reaped all of those benefits, plus hours of knowledge and brain-based training pertaining to my personal safety. If anyone is on the fence about signing up, stop wasting time… every second is worth it." - James Lezala
"Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your Garage Gym. I'd been trying to figure out how I could get to a BYOB course one day but this has been even better. I've been following your work for several years and I have a couple of your vimeo recordings. When you introduced the Garage Gym I signed up straight away so getting to learn from you in a class setting for a few months has been great and I didn't even have to travel for it." - Helen O'Sullivan
"I hit pads today for the first time with my Muay Thai coach since retiring and he told me that the power in my hands is way stronger than it ever was when I was fighting. I was kind of in shock and he isn't the coach that would just say that to make me feel good. The only thing I've been able to make sense of is all of the band and focused tension work we've been doing in the Garage Gym." - Casey Parlett
"My wife and I joined last week and watched our first live class Thursday evening. Wow-what an amazing defensive system - almost immediately after watching our first live session last Thursday we felt like we would be able to use some of the techniques exposed to right away. We both have some martial arts training in our distant past but this is so much more. Looking forward to more lessons." - Ralph & Lisa Rosado
"As expected the live zoom was an amazing experience to watch Tony perform live for the first time. I had the privilege to train with amazing martial artists, professional fighters and many Grandmasters in different types of martial arts, but Tony stands out from all of them. Keep up the good work Sir, looking forward to the next session."  - Damien Chauremootoo
"I would definitely recommend this program. Young or old, martial arts background or not, just come as you are. I really feel that everybody needs to learn this. It's not a hobby it's a critical life skill. The ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. The best part is you can learn at your own pace. Everything is recorded and available to you whenever you want. If you're able to make the live calls that's even better. Tony has eyes on you and can make corrections and answer questions in real-time. There is so much value in this. It's not just about the physical side, it's the emotional and psychological, the fear management that really sets this apart. I am so glad that I made the decision to join. It has been such an awesome learning experience."  - John Galan
"I would highly recommend the garage gym to business associates, friends and family because the training is very unique and taught directly from the system's creator who methodically details the body's reaction to a sudden violent encounter. The SPEAR system is designed to optimize and weaponize the startle flinch reaction and after months of being enrolled, my confidence level has soared to either defend myself or a bystander. This confidence has been achieved through the numerous exercises, and classes taught by Coach Blauer." - Mark Rodak
"Many self-defense systems and MMA based martial arts give you skills, what they often fail to give is mindset. Without mindset skills are irrelevant. Many people when shit hits the fan will face inertia and freeze and in that moment all previous training goes out the window.

Coach Blauer gives a person confidence, skills which are congruent with the body's natural protection mechanism, readily accessed and utilized under the physiological effect of stress and adrenalin, mindset to participate and the moral compass to successfully navigate the real or perceived threat of violence keeping you and your family safe. This is the best training I have ever done." - Andrew G.
"Hey Coach, Need to let you know how much I truly appreciate your passion and dedication. I’m a Patreon and Garage Gym member. What you provide is life-changing. I am an Optometrist and your know fear seminar has been invaluable with difficult patients and professional presentations I present. Thanks, Coach!!!" - Mark Scheel


“The team at Blauer Tactical, in addition to providing the best option out there for arming someone with the knowledge, mindset, and skills to defend themselves, their families, and their communities, have "cracked the code" on how to deliver using virtual training.

As the world moves even more toward virtual interactions to communicate and train, Blauer Tactical can serve as a model for "how to do it" they really can make you safer by spending a few hours with their instructors in an online setting. That's something that, after practicing combat sports for over 30 years, I never thought possible.” - Charles Zelek
" Hi Coach, For me, the masterclass has given valuable lessons on what to focus on in creating online services. One key revelation is that as I also have different perspectives on the same issue, the need to create designated web pages and USPs for those is important.

So to put it shortly: I have speeded up the business development and saved a lot of time from wandering around." - Tommi Nystrom
"The Masterclass saved me significant time and money in learning from someone who successfully migrated their business into the virtual space. The checklist format made it easy to set targets and objectives. It gave me a level of accountability to “do the work “and move forward through getting the proper equipment, building the business plan and developing a strategy that is right for me.

Finally, and probably most significantly, methods and tools are applicable across the business and personal space, not limited to just SPEAR or creating a martial arts business." - Michael Benakovich
"Already the class has shown me how to figure out my ideal client avatar, has given me the tools and practice in shaping my marketing towards that avatar and has improved my presentation skills, both in person and over web based platforms.

Since joining the Business Masterclass I have used the skills and techniques we have been shown to contact, meet and present to my target clientele with great success. The fundamentals we have learned have enabled me to increase my classes from two per week to six, with another two planned for May; and all this during a pandemic lockdown!

The structure of the course is more personal, with regular Q&A sessions with Coach Blauer. The workshops and assignments are clear and have a definite progression. I can see the path ahead and know that with every step I am improving and I am better able to increase awareness of my school." - Stephen Hollingdale
"The Biz Master Class is teaching me how to communicate with my intended audience, and with those who move my intended audience to me.
It's helping me put the pieces in place to be able to follow through on opportunities without hiccups. 

The program requires me to fix my mistakes before I make them in front of a client or my audience, and it's paying off." - Joe Borovicka

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